Laser_Surgery_OpthamologistComprehensive Eye Care

We provide complete eye and vision examinations for all age patients. In addition to determining the complete health of the eyes and the necessity of corrective lenses, we determine options that might be suitable for each patient. Discussing LASIK, eyeglasses, contact lenses or specialized lens options are all a part of individualized care that we provide.


Fashion Optical Selection

With hundreds of frames to choose from, our experienced and professional staff will assist you with the most comfortable and best-looking frame selection.


Eye Emergencies

Call our office immediately if you are experiencing an eye problem of an urgent nature. If you feel you might have an eye infection or if you have something in our eye, it is important to get into the office as soon as possible. If you suffer from recurrent eye problems such as iritis, corneal erosions, or dry eye, we will schedule your appointment promptly. Avoid pressing on the eye and self-treating with medications which are not yours or are out-of-date. Let us assist you in recovering your good eye health! You can reach the doctor by calling the office day or night.


Contact Lens Users

Best of Edmond Award 2012 Contact LensesContact lens There are several new and exciting types of soft and rigid contact lenses which provide superior eye health and excellent comfort. In Oklahoma, dryness is a common problem among contact lens users. With the newer “breathable” contact lenses as well as the refreshing new lens wetting drops, most individuals can comfortably wear lenses every day. Even if you have astigmatism (distorted vision from slight corneal curvature irregularity), there are lenses which can give you superb vision and comfort.

Ask one of the staff members for information about the newest contact lenses that help keep you seeing well and keep your eyes looking great.


contactlensesInterested in LASIK?

Please call and ask about seeing Dr. Wright for an evaluation for Laser Vision Correction. It is an incredible way to address your vision problem and has provided comfortable vision for thousands of patients. We work with NJoy Vision Surgery Center for our LASIK patients – we have experienced the benefits of laser vision correction personally! Dr. Wright can answer all of your questions about LASIK, PRK , Intralase technology and ICL implantation procedures. With the newest custom blending and wavefront analysis technology, the results are amazing! Patients who have refractive surgery can enjoy freedom from glasses or contact lenses. Call today and ask how you can start the road to freedom from vision correction.


Eye Care Technology

Using the most advanced diagnostic technology in the field, obtaining a clear and real-life image of the inside of the eye is possible. Optomap imaging of the retina allows the doctor to visualize the micro-structures of the eye, determining any presence of blood vessel problems, optic nerve injury or retinal problems. Dilation of the pupils continues to be necessary to rule out cataracts and other eye problems, yet the Optomap imaging process oftentimes allows a comparable view of the retina. The doctor will discuss this revolutionary technology with you at the time of your examination.


Dry Eye Patients

As a DRY EYE 360 practice, we are very attentive to the health of the surface of the eye. Dry eye affects a large part of the population. Ask a staff member or Dr. Wright about information about improving the comfort of your eyes with medications, special treatments and nutritional supplements. Many chronic dry eye patients experience significant improvement. Call and see if they might be right for you.

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